Since 2001 we have had the honour and joy of working with many leaders, teams and organisations around the world, providing strategic and tactical solutions for impactful leadership, high-performing cultures, winning teams and sustainable results in a fast-changing world.

Over these 20 years we have…

  • provided strategic advice for leaders and management boards

  • designed and delivered global leadership programmes for corporations

  • facilitated team effectiveness journeys

  • run workshops in leadership, communication, collaboration, cultural intelligence, self leadership, negotiation, stakeholder management, innovation and more

  • coached leaders and managers at all levels

  • administered development instruments like MBTI, Firo-B, Big Five and Strengthscope

  • spoken at numerous industry events and company conferences

  • delivered bespoke 360 degree feedback for leaders

  • designed and delivered a multitude of learning solutions

  • and much, much more

We have worked in more than 25 countries, including UK, USA, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland, Dubai, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Mozambique.

And we’re proud to still be going strong after 20 years. A key reason for that is that we are on a continuous learning journey ourselves where we keep developing our own capability, experience and skills so that we can continue to provide world-class service and solutions to our clients and partners.


Amazon bestselling The Leader’s Guide to Impact is Mandy Flint’s and Think Solutions’ Elisabet Vinberg Hearn’s third award-winning book on leadership.

Relaxation isn’t just for your time off

Relaxation isn’t just for your time off

Everyone needs time off at regular intervals, to relax, recharge and forget about work for a while. Over the last 18 months or so of a global pandemic which has for many meant working from home, the lines between work and home have become blurred. And it has for many...

IMPACT Magazine celebrates one year

IMPACT Magazine celebrates one year

This last year has flown by – we are celebrating IMPACT’s 1 year anniversary! We hope you have enjoyed the first 12 issues covering various angles on leadership impact. As we move into our second year, the magazine will now be issued every other month, with some...

Female Hackathon record in Stockholm

Future Leaders Conference in London

Working in New York

Gothenburg Book Fair

Client event at the HMS Belfast, London

Working in Amsterdam

The Leader's Guide to Impact - bestseller book

On stage in Dallas, Texas

Meridium day in Stockholm

On a book store shelf in Bali

Working in Palma de Mallorca

Working with charity in Mozambique