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We are passionate about the human side of work and spend all our time helping organisations such as yours reach new levels of success with a focus on people, leadership, collaboration and communication – which all makes up a healthy and profitable culture.

All in line with the overall vision, mission and goals.

All outcome focused.

All people focused.

All proven to work.

This is what makes us tick – we know what a difference this makes, not just to business results but to people.  

We think of you

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We support organisations in maximising their people, leadership, change and culture opportunities. And we know that every organisations is different so we always work to find the solutions that are just right for you. Having worked in more than 25 countries in various industries including banking & financial services, tech, travel, insurance, non-profit, energy and more, we have the experience to deliver the right guidance and support for you. 

We think of people

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Leadership IMPACT

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Executive coaching

Healthy, profitable cultures

Culture transformation

Winning teams

Team development

Digital/business transformation

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cultural differences in a connected world



What we can do for you

Our focus on people and culture sets us apart from many other consultancies.


We support organisations that want to be more successful through a focus on people and culture.


Most of the work fit into the following four areas.

Leadership IMPACT

Leaders are culture shapers and how they ‘show up’ and make others feel sets the tone for business results. Do your leaders know how they are shaping the cutlure?




If you want to make the most of organisational challenges and opportunities you need to use the culture as lever. Let us show you how.


Putting a team together is easy. Making the team successful, collaborative and innovative takes leadership and focus. With our proven method for team effectiveness we’re right here when you need us.



Don’t just rely on processes and tech when it comes to real transformation. Bring the human aspect to the forefront to get buy-in, speed up change and save money. Let’s talk about how we can help you. 

Meet Elisabet, our lead consultant & co-founder

All business is H2H

Ultimately all business and work interactions are between people, regardless of all the digital tools we have at our disposal. It’s Human 2 Human. And people who are self aware and socially aware can take control of the impact they have on those they interact with. For 25 years, with big corporations and non-profits alike, this is what I have helped organisations do…..


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