From WeAreTheCity’s Future Leader’s Blog


We bet you’ve done loads of great things this year, but you probably haven’t noticed them all or thought they were that special.

Well, we think they were – and we think you are!

Take a moment right now and reflect. Maybe you’ve

  • Helped a colleague who was overwhelmed with a looming deadline
  • Come in earlier to work to cover for someone who was off sick
  • Made someone smile – or laugh out loud
  • Been a friend
  • Shared your insight on something
  • Come up with a new idea
  • Noticed when someone was sad or frustrated, and supported them
  • Told someone how well they did
  • Given someone hope
  • Done a great job
  • Been a team player
  • Dared to speak up against injustice
  • Listened without prejudice
  • Developed yourself; new knowledge, skills, experience
  • Found a win-win solution
  • Or something else
Here’s to you, Champion. Thanks for all you’ve done and all you’ve been this year!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and an amazing 2018!

Mandy and Elisabet