1/3 of life is spent at work, and a lot of that time we end up in meetings, these days mostly online. As so much of our precious time is spent in meetings, let’s make sure we have the best possible impact in them. Try these proven impact hacks.

“To be – To do”

Before going into a meeting, think about how you want “to be” in that meeting not just what you want “to do”. Ask yourself: what impact do I want to have? Spend time preparing your impact in advance

Have your radar on

Work out what effect you are having on those around you, stop and take a look around you. How do you make people feel and react? Then you can change your approach if you need to get a different result.

Be a keen observer

Observe without demonstrating any judgement, just aim to understand what is going on around you. By doing this you become better at working out how people react to you.

Be intentional

Be more intentional about your reactions and responses, don’t let your “autopilot” run you.

Control your reactions

Practise impulse control, think carefully about what you say and how you behave. The way you behave has a big impact on others, it counts too.

Ask questions

You don’t have to have all the answers. Better questions lead to better answers.

Share openly

Share information with others, that way they will share with you and you will all gain more.