Supercharged Leader: Develop your mind and skillset to deal with anything – our 4th book – was officially launched in Las Vegas last month at ISM World 2024.

It was the perfect place to officially introduce the book to the world – and this large audience specifically. We had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people who really connected with the concept of the book’s Six Superchargers (Strategy, Inclusion, Connectivity, Collective Intelligence, Learning, Agility) and how transformational they can be. People who recognise that the world moves fast and that we can’t know everything, but with the right mind and skillset, we can deal with anything and enjoy the continuous learning and development journey we’re all on.

We were on our feet for three days and loved every moment of it. Thank you!

You can order the book in online bookstores globally and also in many physical bookstores.
Here are some quick links for ordering Amazon UK Amazon USA Blackwells Adlibris

Leaders who want to create long-term, sustainable results must be in the trust business

From Supercharged Leader

Great leaders, engaging strategists are storytellers

From Supercharged Leader

Real learning is getting beyond an intellectual level and experiencing and feeling the learning

From Supercharged Leader