We are more than happy with everything – content, layout and performance. Nice work !!

Senior Business leader

I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Elisabet on a number of occasions, either as a trainee on some of her programmes and courses or utilising her skills and expertise in my role as L&D consultant to help Line and senior Management achieve their teams’ learning and business goals. Elisabet is highly skilled and experienced, and has many strings to her bow – she provided a plethora of workshops and training for the bank, including: MBTI, cross-cultural awareness, Line Management development programmes, Team Dynamics, Change Management and NLP Business Practitioner. As well as being a highly knowledgeable and experienced facilitator and motivational speaker, Elisabet is very much a people person and was always friendly and amenable and is capable of communicating at any different levels and cross cultures. Elisabet always received “rave reviews” in feedback and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.


Learning & Development Professional, The Netherlands 

Thank you for a great morning with the two of you. I’m impressed by both content and implementation. You are super professional as well as charming, fun and you have a generous warm attitude. Who can ask for more ??????


Workshop participant 

I have had the pleasure of working with Elisabet on both a professional and personal basis over the course of 10+ years. Elisabet delivered leadership & personal development programs across the Global Client Service organization at ABN AMRO/RBS. Elisabet’s workshops were always in high demand and filled to capacity. Elisabet and I worked together to bring those programs to the teams based in the United States. On a personal note, I worked with Elisabet over the course of a 6 month period during a time of transition. She brought positive energy to each of our coaching sessions along with rich (and practical) personal development content. Elisabet and Think Solutions are great to work with and deliver results.                      

Senior leader, USA

I have worked with Elisabet for a number of years, yet none more closely than when I was the Customer Service Centre Head for American Express in Sweden. Together we spent time with the Management Team, looking at where we worked best together, where we had blind spots and how we could overcome them. Elisabet was instrumental in helping to bring out the best in each individual and thereby create a strong cohesive Leadership Team that knew each others strengths and development areas and could work together with each other more effectively. Elisabet used her creative skills coupled with her strong knowledge of different models to help deliver a highly successful outcome. It was a real pleasure to work with Elisabet who demonstrated high levels of professionalism, integrity and creativity.

Customer Service Centre Head, American Express

I have had the pleasure of working with Elisabet over the past 8 years both as a participant and as the L&D Consultant hiring her to assist with the learning needs of the business, the most recent being the development & delivery of the Global Talent Programme. The great thing is that she works with you to create bespoke solutions to fit with the business needs. As a trainer she is both engaging and inspiring. She keeps herself up to date with the industry trends and is always willing to share her experiences with others. I would fully recommend Elisabet.

Learning and development consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Elisabet on more than one occasion, as we hired her (via her company Think Solutions) to help develop and deliver multiple key learning initiatives to our colleagues across the globe. The highlight being the development and delivery of the high potential talent program. She is great at customising training to the business and cultural specific needs of the organisation. Very professional and an out of the box thinker when it comes to looking for solutions. Highly recommended.

Trainer, Coach and Consultant  

I worked with Elisabet over the course of 5-6 years both as a participant of her training courses and as a manager utilizing her business to support my teams development. I used Elisabet’s services for various training topics ranging from change management to cultural intelligence, line management to team dynamics. I experienced Elisabet being able to grasp very quickly our internal challenges and to subsequently offer training or coaching solutions tailored to my teams’ needs. She was always spoken very highly of and staff always welcomed courses delivered by Elisabet’s company. Senior managers were also complimentary of her work as we could see the positive results of her work on our organization. As a trainer Elisabet is very skilled at engaging with people, making courses highly interactive, while respecting everyone’s style, and leading people to develop their self-awareness and find their own answers. Elisabet is very energetic and dynamic, keeps herself abreast of the industry developments and is keen to share her knowledge and experience with others. An unconditional optimistic, a key learner always developing herself, Elisabet radiates energy and is also full of life and fun to be around. If you need help with change management, team development or personal coaching, don’t look further, Elisabet has a solution for you!

Head of account management


I’ve known Elisabet for a few years now and the one standout trait she has above all of her professionalism, business acumen and intellect is her amazing ability to engage her audience and inspire them to take action. Her knowledge and passion for her subject is second to none and she is walking example of everything she teaches. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my contacts.

Managing director

Elisabet is an organised, energising and always up-to-date kind of person with a lot of knowledge within people management. Attending her workshops and NLP course you feel full of energy, positive thinking, got a box full of tools for future challenges in my work. I am already looking forward attending more courses or workshops with Elisabet and recommend her to everyone!

Vice President, Design and Retail agency

Elisabet has energy and drive to deliver on customer requirements whilst really satisfying the needs of people. She has a highly interactive approach which engages people, gains buy in and improves performance. She is fun and has a creative approach which always succeeds in overachieving her goals. She is highly enthusiastic, a quick learner and fantastic at listening therefore enabling her to really identify requirements quickly and establishing the best solutions, options and contingencies. Her focus is always on all stakeholders; the employee, customer and bottom line business results.

Programme director

I’ve used Elisabet in a variety of ways to enhance performance of both whole Departments, and for expert coaching of individuals. She is absolutely trustworthy – people at all levels and cultures relate to her instantly. I think her unique skill is a combination of three factors 1) Academic study of any subject she is teaching 2) A truly natural aptitude for people, and wanting them to realise their full potential. 3) A creative flair to always be trying new things, and bringing this new experience into life. I always look forward to working with her each time!


Director, American Express


I have for some time used “Chefplank”. To have Elisabet to help me has been worth a lot. My goal was to develop as a manager, but also as a human being, and get a better balance between work and private life. I have achieved this and this is how worked with the service. Every day, I took 5-15 minutes for my own reflection and when planning on Fridays, I summarised the week. I thought about the challenges I had had and about the coming week. The result of this was the basis for my weekly coaching call. During the session, I have been able to address things that are difficult to bring up with colleagues and managers. I have raised thoughts about my own behaviour and others. We also discussed how, when and what is needed to be done in different stages of change. If I summarise, I’ve got a better structure and been trained to take steps when I doubted my skills. I have developed both as a person, manager and colleague I recommend all managers to get their own coach.

Marketing Director

It’s really lonely as a manager sometimes and that’s why I decided to try “Chefplank”. The process has worked well and I’ve really been able to get both support and challenge in my thought processes, which means I’ve been able to do a better job as a boss. Thanks!

Head of Department

With the help of my “Chefplank”, I have found a new focus where I take the time to plan and reflect in a way that I have never managed to do before. And knowing that I’m in good hands and everything is being managed totally confidentially, allowing me to relax and be myself, while being more creative than I thought I had been before. I really recommend all managers to get a chefplank.