What impact are you having on people around you?

And what results does that impact create?

Are they the results you want?

Our new book “The Leader’s Guide to Impact” explores that topic of leadership impact and how incredibly important it is, in building relationships at work, in collaboration, in goal achievement and much more.

Everyone can have good or even great impact

Everyone can have good or even great impact, and even though this book is written specifically for leaders, the dynamics of impact and many of the ideas in this book can benefit non-leaders and future leaders too. Informal leaders often have strong impact, that’s why they are leaders even though they don’t have a formal leadership role.

Leadership and impact are an art, not an exact science. There’s not just one way of being a great leader. Being a great leader is not about cloning someone else. The most impactful leaders we have encountered authentically finetune their actions and behaviours to the situation they are in and the people they are with. No one gets it right all the time, but we can all maximise our impact with greater awareness of it and focus on it.

As leadership and impact are an art, we recommend that you view and use this book as a guide and a source of inspiration for impact-creation. You have your own unique way of being a leader and this book is here to give you food for thought and concrete practical ideas for impact at work, that you can then start applying to your specific situations.

Impact with win-win thinking

Whatever impact you want to achieve, we recommend you always do so from a win-win perspective – the impact should benefit everyone involved and ideally not just in the short-term. And your impact should be in harmony with the organisational direction, vision and strategy.

This book is divided into three parts and can be read from beginning to end or you can jump straight to the chapters that are most relevant to you. Regardless of which approach you take, we recommend at least reading part one first.

Part one: Impact Generally

  1. What is impact
  2. The why and how of impact

Part two: Impact on different audiences/stakeholders

  1. Impact on employees
  2. Impact on people more senior than you
  3. Impact on people at the same level (peers)
  4. Impact on the board of directors
  5. External impact with stakeholders, media/press, social media

Part three: Impact for different desired outcomes

  1. Collaborative impact
  2. Change-driving impact
  3. Innovative impact
  4. Business sustainability impact

Impact happens through knowledge and skill but maybe most importantly through behaviours. If you want to achieve positive impact, pay particular attention to behaviours. How we behave and conduct ourselves have an impact on others, creating ripple effects that may go much further than we can imagine.

This is a practical book

This book applies to all levels of leaders, from CEO’s all the way to junior front-line leaders, and many of the concepts discussed can be relevant and useful for non-leaders too.

It’s a practical book, so don’t just read it, take action and choose to implement your solutions for positive, respectful, results-driving impact. You decide how much value to take from this book, you choose your impact.

As impact is not an exact science, there are often not absolute answers. This book presents reflection point opportunities for your situation, to trigger your thoughts for new ideas uniquely shaped by you. This book is here to give you food for thought as well as concrete practical ideas.

It’s over to you. What impact are you choosing to have?

We wish you great leadership impact!