From 2020 Vision leader’s blog

Not that long ago, there were mostly “managers” and very few “leaders”. It may simply have been a question of semantics, but it probably also describes the changing map of leadership. We saw a shift in how the word manager started to be replaced by the word leader more and more, about 20 years ago.  New things were expected of those in people leadership/management position and the words started to describe that change. There was less supervision and more visionary and inclusive behaviours.

What will be next? Will “leadership” continue to the word of choice, or will that change too in a not too distant future? This is interesting to consider, particularly as younger generations who are coming into the workplace are hesitant to take on leadership roles, as the idea of a hierarchical position is unattractive.

So what is next? What comes after the “leader”? What word do you think could describe the “leader” of the future?